Mission and Mandate of the Polytechnic. 

The polytechnic is by the instruments of its establishment mandated to train lower and middle level manpower in or der to satisfy the human resource need of the state in particular and the nation in general.  In view of the above the polytechnic has the following mission:

  1. To foster the spirit of hard-work and consequently high productivity with a view to increasing the nation’s wealth and improving the quality of life of Nigerians.
  2. To strive to turn-out competent technicians/technologists who shall produce and maintain good qualitymachineries for the nation’s industries.
  3. To produce technicians/technologists who are able to adapt foreign imported technologies to suit available local raw materials.
  4. To strive to produce prospective captains of industry whose aspirations will not be limited to capturing the commanding heights of the nation’s economy but will desire to compete with the best managers in other parts of the universe.