• PRE-ND programmes, candidates should obtain at least four (4) passes in relevant areas including English and Mathematics. The courses offered are:- PRE-ND Business, PRE-ND OTM, PRE-ND Science, PRE-ND Finance, PRE-ND Engineering.
  • ND programmes, candidate must have at least five (5) credits in GCE O’level or its equivalent in not more than two (2) sittings. They should also obtain JAMB scores with aggregate minimum points.The courses offered are:- ND Business, ND Office Technology Management, ND Mass Communication, ND Banking& Finance, ND Accounting, ND Science Laborotary Technology, ND Computer Science, ND Computer Engineering, Statistics, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering,ND Civil Engineering, ND Building engineering, ND Quantity survey, ND Electrical Engineering, ND Mechatronic, ND Library Science, Diploma In Civil Law, Diploma in Sharia & Civil Law.
  • HND programmes, candidate should obtain the above requirements plus a National Diploma Certificate.The courses offered are:- HND Business,HNDOfficeTechnologyManagement, HND Accounting, Applied Science:(HND Microbiology, HND Biochemistry, HND Environmental, HND PHYSICS),HND Computer Science, HND Statistics, Higher Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Sharia.


  1. Click on Apply for admission By the right hand side of the screen
  2. Enter the CONFIRMATION ORDER# printed on the payment Receipt you obtained from the bank in the box provided
  3. Click on VERIFY to verify your payment
  4. If your Payment is successfully verified, You will AUTOMATICALLY be logged into your account
  6. Fill-in the form displayed and click on SAVE BIODATA
  7. Click on SCHOOL/INSTITUTION at the top of the form
  8. Fill-in the form displayed and click on SAVE SCHOOLS
  9. Click on NEXT OF KIN/SPONSOR at the top of the form
  10. Fill-in the form and click on SAVE RELATIONS
  11. Click on UPLOAD IMAGE at the top of the form
  12. Select and upload your scanned passport photograph and click on SAVE IMAGE
  13. Click on PRINT MY FORM at the top of the form
  14. Print a copy of the FORM and keep for a record


  • Make sure that you print a copy of your form as without doing so, your application will remain incomplete
  • The RECEIPT NUMBER# Provided on the PAYMENT RECEIPT You obtained from the bank will be your USERNAME and PASSWORD (You can change your PASSWORD when you logged in)